5 Go-To Places in Siargao: The Teardrop-Shaped Island by Yua Dominguez

On the upper east perimeter of Mindanao lies a tiny island that is generating a lot of buzz mostly from foreign visitors. It is ironic that we Filipinos seem to be blase or take for granted the lush beauty of our archipelago, eschewing local travel for trips abroad while globe trotters eat up thousands of miles in fly time just to reach our shores.  

It is a good thing that Facebook pages and websites help promote awareness, appreciation and love for all things, places, food that are part of the Filipino consciousness. Gauging from the posts and feedback from Instagram, Twitter, etc, milenials and the younger generation consider it an "in" thing now to post pictures of natural wonders, foodgasmic exploits and adrenaline-pumping adventures that is distinctly Pinoy.

Siargao is famous for its surf town - General Luna. With its glassy yet constant waves, who would want to leave this tropical paradise? Little did we know that this island is not only for surfers but for adventure seekers too. Various activities and spots are within reach. So pack your bags, throw in a bikini and get your cameras ready for these scenic places.
Dako Island
Dako Island is perfect for those who want to unwind and chill the whole day. Relax inside the kubos with the seascape. Prepare a delectable feast on banana leaves, fresh fruits, and some kinilaw. Take a dip in the cool waters of the sea. Enjoy the sun rays while lying on the sand and sipping some fresh buko juice. This may be before or after surfing and chasing glassy waves at Dako. 
Boat fee depends on the island tour package. Prepare Php 50 for environmental fee and Php150  rental fee for open huts. For those on a budget, you can just spread your mat on the beach and bake.
Magpupungko Rock Pools
Just a few hours away from General Luna, Magpupungko Rock pools is a distinct yet breathtaking water form that should be on the top of your list when you visit Siargao. Crystal clear waters and massive rock formations will leave you speechless and dumbfounded that such a natural wonder can be found in the country.
A bit uncomfortable swimming? Not a problem! There are some waters in the rock pools that are shallow and perfect for wading or just chilling. 
Ready for some adrenaline rush? Climb up that rock formation and jump! The deep turquoise blue water awaits. 
When the tides are low, you can go to Magpupungko Rock pools via a walk in the beach. 
How to get here:
Ride a habal-habal or rent a motorcycle and drive roughly an hour to reach this place
Transportation costs varies. Php 50 for the environmental fee is mandatory upon entering the Rock Pools.
Naked Island
Bare and exposed. Be sure you fully cover your body especially your face with sunblock that has the highest SPF before heading to Naked Island. With no trees or anything that will give you shade, this quaint island has pure white snow sand that feels like talcum powder. Spend the afternoon by getting that much sought sun-kissed skin or watch as the sun's golden rays shimmer in the clear blue waters. This is one quick getaway that will give you a much deserved R&R.
How to get here:
There are bangkas literally everywhere at the beaches of General Luna. Just hire a boat or ask your resort (if ever) to book you one. 
There is a package tour to the island that is kind to your pocket.
Sugba Lagoon
Located closer to Sayak Airport, Sugba Lagoon welcomes you with peace and serenity. A massive lagoon with waters so calm and relaxing, sometimes stingless jellyfishes show up. Bring a book or waterproof speakers to keep you company while enjoying the spectacular view. Better yet, practice your SUP (stand up paddle boarding). Don't forget to bring your cameras. This lagoon has the most picturesque sight. Find an angle for that instagram-worthy shot.
How to get here:
It takes an hour drive from General Luna to Del Carmen and another hour boat ride before reaching paradise.
Type of transportation and prices differs but a boat may cost Php 1500 good for 6 persons, might as well visit the lagoon in big groups.
Guyam Island
Another quaint island in the middle of the ocean that is small but remarkably beautiful. It is similar to Naked Island, but with numerous coconut trees. Wandering around the island from tip to tip will only take you 10 minutes.
How to get here:
It's just a boat ride away! A few minutes away from the main island of General Luna
Environmental fee for Guyam is Php 20 only. For a more adventurous trip or one that won't hurt your pocket. Island packages to go around Naked Island, Dako Island & Guyam Island is possible.  Practice your negotiation skills and turn on your natural charm to get the best price. It's usually worth Php 800-1000 per person when you come in groups.