5 Popular Mountains in the Philippines by Wanderast Guides

Mountain climbing is one of the most popular recreational activities for many Filipinos today. Fortunately, the Philippines is blessed with numerous majestic mountains that feature amazing trails and fantastic views from the top. If you want to see everything nature has to offer, try conquering one of these mountains for 2017.  

1. Mt. Ulap Mt. Ulap is located in Itogon, Benguet. It became a very popular tourists destination this year due to its close proximity to Baguio. (45 minute Jeepney Ride) The mountain features rolling hills of grass at the top, tall pine trees, and scenic views of the Cordillera mountains. The popularity of Mt. Ulap spiked in 2016 as one of the must-do day hikes in Northern Luzon. At the top, you can see numerous mountains like Mt. Ugo, Mt. Pulag, and Mt. Sto. Tomas.

One of the favorite places of the hikers is the famous Gungal Rock, which is a large boulder wherein one can stand and see the amazing picturesque views. If you love to take Instagram-worthy photos, this is the perfect photo spot for your feed.
Rating: 3/9
2. Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg, Akiki Trail
Mt. Pulag has been a popular tourist destination to many due to its scenic sea of clouds. There are 4 available trails to reach the summit: Ambangeg, Akiki, Ambaguio and Tawangan, with the first two being the most popular. It provides options for hikers depending on their hiking experiences. During the start of the year, Mt. Pulag became a hot destination with the increasing number of hikers climbing it.
Most of the climbers opt to camp out during the night to see the amazing sunrise views in the morning. Don't forget to bring warm clothing because this mountain is known for being too cold!
Rating: 3/9 | 7/9
3. Mt. Maynoba 
Located at Tanay, Rizal, Mt. Maynoba became a popular destination because of its proximity to Metro Manila. It is known for its sea of clouds and the beginner-friendly trail. Mt. Maynoba features several waterfalls throughout the trail and the scenic view of the Sierra Madre mountain range.
Make sure to start your hike very early to catch the breathtaking view during the sunrise and witness the famous sea of clouds. 
Rating: 3-4/9
4. Mt. Guiting-Guiting
Located at the heart of Sibuyan Island, Romblon, Mt. Guiting-Guiting stands tall from 2,058 meters above sea level. What makes this mountain popular is the breathtaking view of the Sibuyan island at the peak, the experience climbing the rocky knife edges, and of course, the feeling of completing the hike and conquering a difficult mountain.
You can traverse Mt. Guiting-Guiting for three days. So if you have the guts and experience, try conquering one of the most challenging mountains in the Philippines this 2017!
Rating: 9/9
5. Mt. Batulao
Mt. Batulao is one of the most popular day hikes in 2016 because of its proximity to Manila. It became a training ground for many hikers and trail runners due to its fairly easy trail. It is known for being an achievable hike for many beginners. Even with the recent controversial policies on Mt. Batulao this year, this did not stop many hikers to climb it. Mt. Batulao features an open trail, rolling slopes, and the nice view of Batangas.
There are two trails in Mt. Batulao: the old and the new.
Rating: 4/9