Boracay: The World’s Top Destination for Relaxation

Ask anyone about a good beach here in the Philippines and most likely you’ll get a common answer: Boracay. What makes this island the number one tourist destination in the Philippines is that it offers a tropical paradise that will certainly leave you in awe and amazement. And with a number of great places to visit, you’ll surely have a memorable experience at the world's top destination for relaxation.

There’s no doubt that main tourist attraction in Boracay is the White Beach which is a 4 kilometer long stretch of powdery white sand located on the west side of the island. Different types of accommodations and establishments are situated at this area which that has three stations. The most expensive accommodations can be found at station 1 while the cheapest ones can be found on station 3. Access to the three stations however is open for everyone so you can still enjoy beach regardless of where you are staying. If you plan to take a stroll then it is best to start at station 3 passing by station 2 and ending up at station 1 which has the widest beachfront.

Once you reach station 1, you can easily spot Willy’s Rock which is one of the most recognizable attractions in the island. It is an oddly shaped rock formation that which has a small grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary and is the only mass seen along the White Beach area so don’t miss out taking a couple of pictures for a souvenir. If you want to explore this rock then you can climb the staircase to have a commanding view of the beach. And once you’re done exploring this rock, you might want to reward yourself with a refreshing treat from Jonah’s Fruit Shake which is just a few meters away. A visit to this shake and snack bar is one of the must-dos when you’re in the island and once you’ve tasted their shakes, you’ll certainly ask for more.

If you prefer a less crowded area then Puka Beach is where you need to be on the island. Located at the northern side of Boracay, this empty stretch of white sand is famously named after the puka shells that are collected by the locals and are later on crafted into beautiful jewelries.What makes this beach different from the ever popular White Beach is that it is relatively untouched and offers a serene atmosphere which is ideal for romantic travelers and honeymooners.

For most travelers the places mentioned above are already enough for a short visit or stay at the island but if you want to explore more then you can check out the Bat Cave, Baling Hai Beach, Bulabog Beach or even go on a side trip to Carabao Island.