Learn how to book today


1. Type the Hotel Name or your preferred location on the Search  Tab

2. Indicate the date of Check-in (Arrival) and Check out (departure) from the Hotel or of your planned trip.

3. Choose how many rooms you would like to book.

4. Click the number of Adult and Child that will stay in the Hotel. 

5. Click SEARCH.

6. The name of the Hotel will show up with the summary of rooms available on the date you chose. 

7. Choose the room that you most prefer then click Book Now/Reserve Now. 

8. You will be directed to the Order Summary where the important details should be completed. Type the code indicated on the image and make sure to read the Terms and conditions button before submitting. 

9. Verify your e-mail address to finalize your registration and booking through the e-mail account. After verifying, you can type any valid discount code to apply on the total amount of your reservation, then you can click the book now/reserve now button. 

10. Finally, you will receive a booking voucher from us after paying at your most convenient preferred way (read our Payment Options).


Simple and easy right? Now let's start booking!

Having a hard time? Just reach us through our contacts, we'd love to hear from you!