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Limitation of Liability

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            The original service or product providers are the ones who warrant their products and services. This warranty has been set forth in writing by them and can be viewed or accessed either through their site or in printed brochures. The fact that these products and services appears in this site, or are accessible via hyperlinks does not create any direct or implied warranty on our part.


            The website’s content is intended for information purposes only and any inaccuracies should be brought to our attention in order that these (supplied by the vendor or third parties) information will be corrected and/or updated.

            All reservations and bookings done through this site will be validated via the email provided by you when you signed up or registered as user or subscriber. You should not consider any service or product purchased or availed of by you as booked or sold unless, you have received such email confirmation. Please ensure that your email address is accurate and up to date. You should also check your SPAM folders in verifying emails sent by us because some emails with SPAM filters may direct our emails to your SPAM folder.

            This being the case, Philbooking.com does not warrant (either express or implied) the result or performance of the product or services obtained from the website. The website and its owner will not be liable for any defect or error in user’s/subscriber’s operation of the website, such error being the sole responsibility of the user/subscriber.

            Imap Websolutions Inc.’s responsibility is to implement reasonable commercial efforts that the site is available 24/7 and that once the site is down, it shall be promptly restored. This obligation will be discharged on a “best efforts” basis and is not a blanket promise to ensure access to the site will be uninterrupted all the time.


End of Services

            Philbooking.com and its owner may, at its exclusive option, take down the website, modify the guidelines, and the terms and conditions, without your prior approval. By using this website, you have expressly agreed not to hold Philbooking.com liable for any delay, modification, suspension or discontinuance of: (a) the website and (b) your user account or subscription



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            Any dispute related to charges made on your credit card relating to purchases of products and services made through the website’s mediation, should be brought to Philbooking.com’s attention within ten (10) days of the date of filing of the dispute.  You may contact us in the following manner: