House Wants Answers on How DOT will Save Boracay By: Vince F. Nonato - Reporter Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA — Citing the deterioration of the world-famous Boracay, Samar 1st Dist. Rep. Edgar Mary Sarmiento has asked the House of Representatives to conduct on inquiry on the Department of Tourism’s plans to promote sustainability.

House Resolution No. 1087 seeks an investigation into the DOT’s roadmap, programs, projects and action plans aiming to regulate tourist spots.

“The massive influx of tourists and the explosive population growth in the island places it at the risk of destruction. This is highly detrimental as our citizens are reaping numerous benefits from the thriving tourism industry in the area. Moreover, the environmental degradation is a proof of the State’s failure to preserve our natural resources,” Sarmiento said in his resolution.

He said he noticed the degradation of the island when members of the House of Representatives embarked on the so-called Western-Eastern National Highway Expedition, a 10-day “inspection” of tourist spots and roll-on/roll-off vessels.
Boracay’s renowned white sand beaches have been recently affected by an abundance of slimy green algae growth.
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